Internet Marketing Websites 101 – A Beginners Guide to Website Building

So you want your own Internet Marketing website, and it seem straightforward enough, but there is one looming question: “How much is this all going to cost?” It’s a great question, and as someone with big ideas and a limited budget I can certainly relate! I guess the answer all depends on what you are trying to do… but let me do my best to answer.

You are going to need four things to get started with your first Internet Marketing website: A Domain Name, A Hosting Account, Website building software, and an Auto Responder. Let’s look at each individually:

Domain Name: Well, this is the starting point: you have to have one to have a proper website. Some registrars charge thirty-five bucks a year for a Domain Name, but you can get one for under ten bucks a year. GoDaddy is a great registrar. The best thing about them? You can go ahead and call them up and get them on the phone if you have any questions.

Hosting: Like the website, this is a must have. Costs can vary for Hosting but for a started you should not be paying more than ten-fifteen bucks a month. Most Hosting companies will also give you a discount if you pay in full, by the year… so look for something that is right around $100-$140 bucks a year. The biggest factor to weigh when it comes to hosting is availability: make sure you get excellent tech support, especially if you are not terribly technically savvy.

If you are not a technically-minded code geek (and who is, honestly), then you want to find a responsive hosting company that is just a phone call away. And when I say a phone call away, I mean a phone call away. Not some weird ticket system or website feedback form or Email support setup. We want someone who is there 24 hours a day with phone support so you can call them at 3:00 a.m. in the middle of the night if your website is offline for some reason, or if you have a question about some code that doesn’t work, whatever.

Software: Well, you have to build and upload those pages with something, eh? Forget Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and other high-end, expensive packages. Try to find a solid, cheap HTML Editor. Most of these smaller packages come with a free trial, so you can use them for 30 days for free, which is certainly enough to get your first system running.

Auto Responder: This is absolutely the most important piece of the puzzle. Figure about twenty dollars per month. I know, it seems expensive… but keep in mind that it comes with unlimited lists,
and works with unlimited websites too. An Auto Responder is an online (usually) tool that does it all when it comes to managing the entire subscription and cancellation process, managing all your user data, and it also sending out emails to your subscribers. Choosing the right Auto Responder can make or break your entire online list-building model.

So to summarize, you are looking at about $20-$30 bucks a month. Certainly affordable, and certainly worth it!