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Satellite Internet and Your Home Service

Have you have made the choice to go with a satellite Internet service but still have some pressing questions left to figure out? It’s important to have all the facts and information before you sign up with a satellite Internet provider. You probably already know the basics about pricing, speed, reliability, and access to service. The last things you need to find out about are the minute details of satellite Internet service.

What kind of maintenance is required for your satellite Internet equipment? There is almost no maintenance required at all, and it’s possible that there will never be any. However, on the rare occasion that you might experience interruption in your service due to very severe weather, you would have to have a technician come out to fix the equipment. Other than that, there may be instances where you will need to have the satellite readjusted or re-aimed at the satellite, but these will be rare instances. If you do need this type of maintenance, do not attempt to do it yourself. You will risk damaging the equipment, which could result in having to pay to replace it. Only a professional should tamper with the equipment. That being said, the dish when installed will be placed in a location with a clear view of the southern sky so that you will be able to send and receive the satellite Internet signals. Some people will choose their roof, the side of their home, or a ground mounted dish. Keep in mind that if you live in an apartment building or some other location where you do not have a clear view of the southern sky, you will not be a candidate for this type of service.

Another concern that people have when it comes to satellite Internet is the issue of latency. This is the amount of time needed for the satellite signal to travel from the satellite in space to the satellite dish on your home. Because there is a great distance between the satellite in space and the one on the ground (up to 22,000 miles) the latency period can sometimes be up to one second long. When you think about how long it takes you to download, upload, or access a website using a dial up connection, one second seems like nothing at all. However, this does mean that certain web applications and websites aren’t ideal for a satellite Internet connection. Real time online games are one type of application that has a lot of problems with this type of Internet. It is also difficult to use things like Skype or other video chat programs because of this delay. When one person is attempting to speak and there is a delay it can make communicating quite difficult.

You have options when it comes to satellite Internet. There are three main providers that offer good and reliable service. Once you have looked into all of your satellite Internet options you will be prepared to make an informed decision.

Internet Lawyers Websites Made More Productive

Does your firm’s website have a form link for potential legal clients to send inquires through to your law firm? If so, you may be wasting your’s, or your assistant’s, time!

I’ll preface this by saying that many of the Internet legal client prospects you deal with in your career will likely be good, honest people. However, it seems the inquires generated through many legal web sites cause even the best, most honest, potential clients, to either intentionally, or unintentionally, waste your time.

As a professional in this industry, your time is the one thing you can’t afford to waste. If you run out of money, you can always make more. If you run out of time, all the money in the world won’t help you.

So there is a good argument to be made for the notion that time is much more valuable than money.

The impersonal nature of the Internet and ‘instant response’ culture promoted by it, can be detrimental to efficient lawyer time management.

If you have a popular legal web site, you will notice that a large percentage of the inquires requesting legal advice or opinion, can never be contacted by phone, or reply back to your emails after you have sent them their requested information.

Actually, with popular legal sites these time wasters can be a very serious problem. You’ll notice I said ‘can be’ in the preceding sentence. If you follow my suggestions below, the occurrence of this happening through your site will be drastically reduced or eliminated entirely.

Averaging over 100 unique visitors per day to my Houston legal directory alone, I know my suggestions really can benefit those of you who implement them. These are not theoretical ideas, but field tested and proven techniques.

#1. Show the current average hourly fees or case legal cost vs. settlement obtained for your clients.

This one step dramatically reduces the ‘dreamer/spendthrift’ type of email. It also enhances your credibility to win major settlements.

#2. All inquiry forms on your site should be set up so that if vital information is omitted, the form will remind the visitor when they try to submit it that the fields need to filled in for the form to work.

What information you want is up to you. Many times, personally, I do not require the phone number. This is because I feel that many may fear unwanted ‘sales’ calls. Plus, after all they are contacting me via the Internet vs. my toll-free phone number!

I do require the following basic information:

A. Full name

B. Address

C. Email address

D. Nature of case

Depending on the form, other information will be required. Keep in mind, these people know about you and are requesting your time. If they will NOT provide you their basic personal information, how serious can they really be?

Perhaps key to saving your valuable time, is my last suggestion:
Immediately upon receipt of an inquiry from your site, you or your assistant should reply with a request for some small bit of additional information. If you do not receive a timely reply to your inquiry, why invest any more time on this inquiry?

What should you ask for depends on the type of inquire. I ask for such information as:

When the situation occurred, full extent of damages/injury, and/or have they consulted any other lawyers?

Proper time management is crucial to any successful business. Management of your Internet inquires will increase your productivity!

“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with It.” -M Scott Peck

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Internet and Network Marketing – Three Work at Home Moms and Blogging Mommies Lessons Learned

If you are a member of either the internet work at home Moms or blogging Mommies fraternities, you have probably met upon some of the technical challenges that every internet and network marketing practitioner has to master.

A few months ago I thought I conquered the technical requirements of the WordPress blogging format with at least a passing grade. The new blog was installed and I finally found a theme I liked, even if I could not vary the colours to make it look more interesting.

The awesome WordPress categorisation feature was the magnet that kept drawing me again and again to the idea of setting up a WordPress blog. Over time I built a long, varied list of categories that encompassed many interests and topics that I like to write about. I wrote articles and short blog posts and put them all lovingly into their relevant categories.

Even though I did not know how to add my normal social networking widgets, bookmarks and optin list boxes to the WordPress template, the new blog was set to notify Technorati of all new blog posts. I manually bookmarked my favourite social bookmarking sites and added a subscription page temporarily for both my personal ‘new post notification’ and a popular RSS feed distribution service.

The four month long technical compromise ended suddenly. The host of the host for all my sites got ‘attacked’ and none of my sites could be viewed the next morning. Although my sites went back up within a day, my WordPress blog disappeared without hope of recovery.

Long story short: I returned to the Blogger platform I have known and loved since August, 2004. I miss the categorisation feature of WordPress and its more professional look, but prefer to continue working with what I know until I learn enough to handle the other platform competently.

Lessons learned?

- Always back up your blogs, websites, articles, and other internet-based material that you want to keep. You never know when a technical crisis will strike, so as with all things in live, being prepared is key.

- If you do not have specific knowledge required to do a task competently, get the skills or delegate that portion of your work to someone who does know what to do.

- Never feel as if you have to do what other people are doing. Whilst you do not want to stay within your comfort zone so as to escape learning new skills and techniques, you can say no to a particular method or choice that you are neither ready to learn nor delegate.

Blogging is an important vehicle of expression on the internet for both personal and business purposes. Many internet and network marketing professionals are using the blog format to communicate with and build a relationship with internet home business prospects every day.

If you are also a member of the Blogging Mommies fraternity, use the blogging format that you are comfortable with. Focus on enjoying your blogging craft. Expand your skills and knowledge in steady steps and share who you are: your personality, your interests and your passions. Use your blog to build relationships with other real people in the blogosphere and on the internet, especially with that segment of the vast internet audience that can relate to you and your experiences.