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Why Did My First Internet Marketing Website Fail?

Do you know the reason why my first internet marketing website failed? Make sure to read the reason and more importantly avoid these mistakes. Make sure to do what is working right now.

This is what I will be sharing with you in this article. This article will give you the right plan and strategy that you will require to execute to set up a profitable internet business right from the start.

If you fail to execute this strategy you will realize that you will have to struggle a lot to get to your ultimate internet income goal.

Here’s what I did to set up my first website…

It was basically a content website. I had set up a 50 page content website, and I thought it would be massively successful. I had read everywhere that if you have quality content on your website you will get lots of traffic from search engines and people will purchase your products.

I had created a solid content website and displayed my products in the right and left navigation bar hoping that people will read my content, click through the sales letters and purchase my products. It took me around 3 months to set up this website. I learned how to design a website, write articles, purchase hosting, domain name and did lots of product development work to put up this entire website. I was finally excited to launch the site. I uploaded my site and waited for the traffic to roll in.

I realized that Google was visiting my site every day, and I hoped to see the traffic rolling in. To my surprise the website failed miserably.

I did not make any money out of that site. I was upset and stressed out. I had a chest pain at the age of 17 due to over stress.

My cardiologist chilled me out and told me to relax. I went back home, chilled out for some time and got back to thinking what went wrong.

Here are the mistakes I made…

1. I did not take my system till the end. I had many things to do yet besides creating content and setting up products and website.

2. I did not get incoming links to my website which is the most important step of driving traffic from search engines. It is even more important than putting up unique content on your website.

3. I failed to set up a list building system on my website.

4. I failed to generate leads because I had no list building system installed on my site. I failed to develop relationship with my leads therefore no one purchased my products.

5. I did not have a proper laid out sales funnel and backend marketing system installed on my website.

Internet and Network Marketing – Can You Really Use Both to Build a Business?

I feel that the title of this article is very interesting, simply because it was not what I was taught when I build my network marketing business. You see, my up line mentor always told me to visit hotel meetings do cold calls and pass out fliers if I wanted to get more recruits into my business. So what I do, I followed it straight just like they told me. The truth is I never really got many recruits or many leads following this instruction. That’s why I decided to check out the Internet for promotion of my opportunity and see if I can find the right mindset of people on different websites. And that leads to the question, can Internet and network marketing both be combined to build the business?

Well most off-line network marketers won’t admit it simply because they don’t understand it. They have the old fashion way of building their business, and they don’t want to let go. I respect it simply because it’s working for them. But for the most part people, after they go to hotel meetings and fail miserably they’ll give up and call MLM a scam anyway.

One positive thing I’ve noticed about the Internet is you really don’t have to be afraid of rejection. If someone doesn’t like what you have to offer all they can do is simply ignore you. That’s a step up from someone actually laughing or yelling at you in your face such as you would off-line marketing.

Internet and network marketing can be used beautifully only if you use attraction marketing which is something I’ve been using for couple of months now and been able to generate leads into my business. Network marketing done over the Internet can be tricky simply if you outright promoting opportunities to others.

If you promote yourself first and then your opportunity to build a business that’s when you’ll start to intrigue more people and does build your business right away using the Internet and network marketing

All it comes down to have to that is promotion which there are tons tips that I can show you if you check out the information below.

Domain and Website Hosting

For an internet marketer, to start with the process of shortlisting and selecting a reliable domain and website service provider, the first thing you usually do is to “Google” the term on your web browser. This throws up a bewildering array of choices in terms of time plans, bandwidth usage, storage space, operating systems and a number of minor and not so minor enhancements calculated to put all but the most knowledgeable of prospective clients in utter confusion. At this point a concise checklist would go a long way to remove the chaff from the grain and make an informed and balanced decision a whole lot easier.

A concise checklist before you decide on your domain and website hosting account would be basically be reduced to these six factors.

1. Pricing.

Promoters of high end and expensive domain and website hosting service accounts project that “you have to pay for quality”. Expensive does not always mean reliable, nor does cheap mean shoddy service. You will have to look into the pros and cons here, as there is a wide range of service providers in terms of pricing. Keep in mind what your actual present needs are and what you will likely to need in the immediate future and do not be swayed by worthless “extras”.

2. Downtime.

In brief, it means the time that your website is not accessible on the web. Obviously, we all would all like 0 %. Remember, that does not always happen in reality. Though website hosting service providers claim 1.00 % or even 0.01 %, anything that is below 2 % is pretty good service.

3. Live Support.

Your website hosting does not have to be located near you, given the “global village” state of the internet today. They could be located at the other end of the world. But, there is one major factor that you will have to take into consideration and that is, whether your domain and website hosting service provider has a 24 hour live support in your language. I mean, you would in an emergency want to talk to your website hosting account service support staff to solve some critical issues immediately and not wait for a “suitable time” for them which may be past midnight in your time zone, yes?

4. Reputation.

How old and what business standards does your website hosting service provider have? How good is their business reputation? Those are questions that you will have to ask yourself and the answer should always be in the positive. No space here for the fly-by-night kind of dealers or those who are new to the business or those of dubious and uncertain origin. You do not want to be left in the lurch by these kind of operators. Here the thumb rule would be “the older the better”.

5. Technology.

Another important factor that is usually covered up under a lot of high tech sounding names and details created to confuse and confound prospective clients. A lot of room here is lose your way. Again, be aware of your actual present needs and plan for your future immediate needs, that is it. Also, you need to be aware that internet website technology evolves rapidly and advances are made practically every month or so. Hence, the need for a website hosting service provider who has the latest technology installed for their customers and who is pro-active in terms of upgrading to cater to them.

6. Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization is the act of creating a websites webpage content search engine friendly in order to make it get ranked higher in Top Search Engines search results. Look out for those website domain and website hosting service providers who specialize in the optimization of their clients websites as part and parcel of their hosting plans. Look into those domain and website hosting providers who regularly research keywords that meet your website content description and optimize your website based on the most searched keywords in your niche area and market in order to drive relevant organic traffic to your website via major search engines and directories.

These are the major factors that you will have to consider in order to settle on your choice of a reliable and worthy domain and website hosting service provider. Remember, this is a broad analysis and for those with specialised interests and needs, more factors will have to be taken into account before arriving at a decision. But for all purposes this is all you need to keep in mind before you settle for a domain and website hosting service provider.