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The Union of the Internet and the Church

The grandest marriage man might ever witness in this life is no other than the union of the internet and the church. Administered by state-of-the-art church website designs, this marriage is not just for the benefit of a few but of the many hunger spirits worldwide. In this fast-paced world, the church can hardly keep up with the busy lifestyle of people who hooked themselves on anything potential of earning and self-gratification. The internet has served as the mainstream medium in satisfying man’s needs for survival. Financial and social opportunities come flourishing online and made people divert their focus from their religious vows.

The internet has nevertheless opened its doors for a noble purpose of helping the church fulfill its holy aim. Through getting online, the church can welcome its members anytime of the day, any day of the week. There is no more need to wait foor Sunday just to communicate. Church members and church leaders can establish stronger bridges of interaction. Church web designs have provided the opportunity for the church to imitate the services of the real church. Online prayer is one of the most sought-after services. Praying is the primary mode of link between man and Him. Through praying online, those who are constantly hooked to their computers can never neglect their chance of talking to the Almighty.

The problem of unifying a congregation is solved in every church online. Volunteer forums are readily available in the website such that visitors can sign up for programs and activities by filling out online forms. The church, in return can keep track of those who signed up. Moreover, spreading the news can be easily accomplished through mass emails sent to those who pledged for participation. A church website design is no doubt a good way to strengthen communication lines between the church leaders and their congregation. Elaborating this point is the existence of blog and sermon podacasting in every church website. Blogs will be open for church leaders to express their holy messages. On the other hand, sermon managers allow each visitor to listen to streamline versions of the gospel and download them in their home computers. This way, any church member can listen to the holy word anytime they wish.

More to the church’s benefit is the chance for online donations and tithing contributions. Money transfer is made with comfort as online church accounts will be made compatible for any mode of payment. This will give the church no hard time in managing finances and will provide soft copies of financial transactions. This only shows how church online can be as systematic as the real church.

As long as the internet thrives in the busy world, the church will flourish just the same. Beyond business goals lay the noblest of all purposes for the internet – the strengthening of human faith. Let this union of the internet and the church become our way of enhancing our faith and principles of moral conduct. No other chances will be as this good as having holistic gratification from the haywire.

The Internet and Web Browsing Just Got Faster: What You Need to Know to Improve Your Web Experience

If you are using the latest version of your favourite web browser then you are probably already benefiting from the new web protocol called “HTTP/2″. This means your web browsing experience has just got a whole lot faster.

If you are wondering what all this HTTP/2 mumbo-jumbo means – then this calls for a brief history lesson on the web evolution:

Surfing online and viewing a website was made possible by communicating through a special language called HTTP which was invented by a British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. Surprisingly, the HTTP has remained relatively unchanged for the last 20+ years despite the web dramatically evolving over this period of time. There is thanks to Google who played a major part in spearheading the goal to speed up the web with the new HTTP/2 protocol because as history shows: it eventually became approved by Mr Nottingham who chairs the Internet Engineering Task Force’s (IETF) HTTP.

The web speedup in the HTTP/2 protocol is due to some significant improvements made to the older HTTP protocol. These can be listed as:

  1. Compression of Headers: Web communication requires the use of “Headers” which adds to the overall overhead with data transmissions. The new HTTP/2 protocol allows Headers to be compressed which results in eliminating much redundancies when exchanging data.
  2. Multiplexing of Data: Previously web communication that generally involves a “Request” and “Response” data exchange was performed over a single connection that was sequential in order (i.e. Request 1, Response 1, Request 2, Response 2 and so forth). The problem is that most websites are sophisticated and needs multiple web communication exchanges. However, establishing multiple simultaneous connections results in performance deteriorations. The new HTTP/2 solves this by providing the mechanism to allow multiple web communication exchanges to occur over a single connection which can occur simultaneously. The improvement occurs from removing the “sequential” state and from creating multiple connections, which is a cost.
  3. Binary form Data: Previously data was exchanged in a semi-textual form. Now it is purely in binary form that makes parsing information far easier and faster.

Enjoying a Faster Web Experience:

To enjoy the benefits of the faster web speed up through HTTP/2 depends on a few things including:

  1. Whether the web server behind the website you are visiting also supports HTTP/2 .
  2. The version of your web browser (if you have the latest version then it is already likely to support HTTP/2).
  3. The web browser (i.e. most browsers will only support HTTP/2 over secure Internet connections and reverts to the older, slower HTTP for plain-text connections. This was done deliberately and as an incentive to encourage those who host websites to upgrade their web servers to support the new HTTP/2 and force all communication to be performed over secured connections).

Browsers supporting HTTP/2 :

So far the list of browsers supporting HTTP/2 is listed as follows (this is not complete):

  • IE 11 with partial support for HTTP/2 on Windows 10.
  • Edge from version 12+
  • Firefox from version 42+
  • Chrome from version 45+
  • Chrome for Android from version 47+
  • Safari from version 9+ with partial support for HTTP/2 on OSX 10.11
  • iOS Safari from version 9.2+
  • Opera from version 34+

Web Browsers and Websites Data Exchange in HTTP/2 :

If you want to know if your browser is exchanging data in HTTP/2 form for the website you are visiting then you can install a plugin which shows a visual cue in the address bar (usually a green lightening bolt). Do a search for the “HTTP/2 and SPDY indicator” plugin from the Firefox or Chrome plugins library.

7 Best Ways to Make More Profit With Internet and Online Business

Use internet marketing tools – Use internet marketing tools like affiliate marketing, article marketing etc to make more profit with quick internet and online business.

Include advertising on your home page -Use advertising in your home page. Add advertisements to other’s products and services. Sell your space in the web pages.

Simplify your methods- Do not just modify your internet and online business. Instead reinvest the money in the existing business. For a quick internet and online business, you have to improve your business steadily.

Make your website interesting – Make your website interesting and attractive. For a quick internet and online business you will need a website. Do not just make a web site, make ti so that it become one of your traffic getter. Use proper combination of color, texture, texts, images, composition etc to make it better. Create a professional looking and easy to use web site.

Leads – Create leads from different places. The more leads you get more are the chances of making a quick internet and online business. Collect email ids and if necessary buy them. Offer free email sign ups to get email ids. Add links to your site and get reciprocal links to your website. These links will get you leads. Also search engines will get you more leads. The more leads you have, the more easily you can start a quick internet and online business.

Improve Conversion Ratio – Improve the conversion ratio to get more profit from your internet and online business. For a quick internet and online business, you need a good conversion ratio. Use marketing strategies and tactics to improve the conversion ratio.

Increase traffic – Increase the traffic to your website for more internet and online business. For a quick internet and online business, you have to first get traffic for your products and services.