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Internet and Network Marketing!

Network marketing and the Internet has created unparalleled advantages over other offline network marketing techniques. The days of Tuesday and Thursday night rah rah meetings, cold calling, & 3 to 10 foot rules are dead.

Since the marriage between Internet and network marketing, building a business online has never been this easy. The simplicity in which your Internet presence can be seen is remarkable. Just think of cold calling how at one time that was the main marketing resource for network marketers for many many years. What replaced that was websites and auto responders.

What about those house meetings?

Having meetings in your house or renting a holiday inn, just to have a mass influence venue was not very cheap to say the least. Now a days you have webinars that can host 1,000 people in a session. That is absolute complete leverage…

Absolutely No hunting people down, simply send an email to your list with the information on when it starts. Prospects don’t have to leave their houses to get the content. A computer or simply any device to that effect that has access to the Internet & their good to go

Must think how hard it was to train people back in the B.I ages (Before Internet) the ability to train people through webinars as well as auto responders has made training your potential downline pretty much effortless.

Internet and network marketing today has evolved even from a few years back. As long as technology evolves so will network marketing and Internet business overall.

So completely utilizing all the modern marvels will literally explode your business. Just think for a moment.. Imagine a year from now about all the people just realizing that the internet is where they need to be.

You will indeed have a significant head start….

Internet And Kids – How Young Is Too Young?

Are you a parent? If you are, you may be curious as to when children regularly start using the internet. In all honesty, you will find that it depends. There are some parents who start their children with using a computer and the internet right away and others wait until their children need to do so for school. So, how young is too young for your child to use the internet?

What many parents, especially first time parents, do not realize is that some elementary schools teach their children how to use a computer as young as first grade. Of course, they may not learn how to surf the internet, but they do often learn the basics. These basics may include learning how to type, how to turn on a computer, how to use a computer mouse, and so froth.

In keeping with young age, there are many parents who allow their toddlers and preschoolers to play computer games. Although software for those games can be purchased online or in most media stores, some parents turn to the internet. The good news about this approach is that many trusted websites, like those for Nick Jr, PBS Kids, and PlayHouse Disney do not have harmful advertisements on their websites that your child could accidentally click on.

Young elementary school children are also likely to use the internet and a computer in general to play computer games. Towards the fifth or sixth grade, children may start to use the internet to do research for school projects. This is when it is really important to start monitoring your child’s use of the internet. Even if your child doesn’t use online social networking websites, use internet chat rooms, or visit pornographic websites, it doesn’t mean that they can’t accidentally come across them. Some websites are not very careful with what advertisements they show.

Junior high school and high school students, honestly, need the most monitoring online. These are students who not only use the internet to research, but to communicate with their friends and to make new friends. Unfortunately, not all teenagers are educated on the dangers that lurk online, especially where internet chat rooms and social networking websites are concerned.

So, is your child ready to use a computer and the internet? As stated above, it is your decision to make. With that being said, be sure to use your best judgment and be sure to establish some firm ground rules. Children who are at least seven years of age should never be allowed to use a computer alone. Strict rules should be imposed for older children.

Speaking of internet safety rules, be sure to make your views on social networking websites and internet chat rooms clear. If you don’t want your child to use them, state so. If they are allowed, establish rules. A few rules to get you started involve making a social networking website profiles private, not communicating directly with strangers, not trading personal information online, and not posting personal pictures or videos online.

As a reminder, you have the ability to determine when and where you child can access the internet. Just be sure that if you do allow your child to use the internet that you establish ground rules. Even toddlers and preschoolers should be able to follow these rules, such as only playing games on the website you get them set on.

Email Cash and Internet Survey Websites – Which One Gets You Paid More Now?

There really was never a comparison between email cash and internet survey websites. They are so far apart that it’s not even worth talking about much. This is the exact reason why I want to share a couple of tips with you, so you can easily make the most money possible from the better of the two sites. Yes, I am talking about internet survey websites and not the email cash sites that basically pay you nothing.

I am going to get right to the main point. There is one very big tip you need in order to make sure you are getting paid top dollar from all of the internet survey websites you join. The tip is this: Never, ever use any major search engines to find the good ones. In fact, don’t use any smaller ones, either. They just don’t work. For some reason, all they have been pulling up recently are these outdated sites that pay you less than “half” of what the real places pay you. Don’t even get me started on the bogus email cash sites that come up.

It’s getting out of hand. Absolutely none of the good, higher paying internet survey websites will be found by using them. This isn’t the end of the road by any means, though. The last tip I have will ensure that you get right to the highest paying sites, without much of a problem. The tip is simple: Use forums if you want ot uncover the top dollar places and even the email cash sites if you really want them. Use large forums to be exact. Why use large forums? Because it’s one of the very few places that you will find honest, reliable info on the subject of surveys.

There is so much junk flying around about internet survey websites, but you can’t trust most places, because they are biased. Large forums are filled with honest people. They are honest because the large forums are very respected. Also, the forums have very strict regulations and rules on posting there. They moderate their topics very well. The best part it that their archive sections are packed with topicso n surveys. It’s where people from all walks of life have shared their inside info, such as the sits they are now making the most cash with. It’s all there, free for the taking, whenever you want it.

While email cash sites and internet survey websites aren’t really comparable, you can get a lot more money from surveys than you’re getting right now.