Focused Internet Marketing and Website Promotion

Every day, like millions of webmasters, I continue to focus on making money with my websites. There are a few internet marketing and website promotion strategies I typically stick with because it is very important that these website marketing processes are running at the same time without causing too much work or becoming overloaded.

Creating and running an online business continues to become more and more competitive with thousands and more websites being set up every day. It is likely that some of those websites will be in direct competition with you and me.

So, how do you compete? How do you get those magical page 1 rankings and keep them? The good news is that it is not magic.

The simple answer is by developing a number of different but related advertising methods as part of my overall marketing and website promoting strategy. Let me share some of them with you now. Remember this is a very small sample of the hundreds of ways you can market and promote your website. Some of them will be explained in depth in my other articles, so make a habit of staying in touch. O.K. let’s see.

Building Your List

I will never understand those webmasters that go to all the trouble of building a website or a blog and don’t spend the small additional effort of capturing subscribers for their list. Even if your own site only captures a few hundred names and email addresses, that is a few hundred targeted and interested people that you can stay in contact with on a regular basis. The trick is not to bombard them with sales pitches and offers but to keep them informed and build their trust and your reputation.

There is a ton of information on the ‘net about adding subscriber forms to websites. Also, if you do not want to pay for an autoresponder, there are a number of free ones that you can try out.

Generating Backlinks And Building Site Popularity

I won’t pretend to understand all the algorithms and nuances the major search engines use to rank websites but I do know that one of the more important tactics for website marketing and promotion is generating backlinks. The major search engines use this as a gauge of site popularity – how important your site is to others.

I use two methods to achieve backlinks, actually three (article marketing is one, see below). I subscribe to a monthly membership site which provides me with the means of getting backlinks from high ranking web pages. The other method is free and it’s called reciprocal linking.

There is much debate about the value of exchanging links and if they add any value. Simple answer, yes they do as long as it is done properly. Only exchange links with sites that are relevant to yours, and sites that have already been indexed. One of the reasons the debate on using reciprocal linking as an effective marketing and website promotion tool continues is that if the site displaying your link has more than say twenty other links on the page, it will reduce the chances of your link being clicked.

Pay Per Click

Many will recommend that you add some type of pay per click campaign such as Google AdWords to your website marketing and promotion strategy. I would agree but only if you know exactly what you are doing. To explain all the ins and outs of pay per click campaigns would need a report never mind trying to explain it in this article.

If you have a known budget to spend, daily, weekly or monthly, then by all means go to the major search engines and read everything you can about using their advertising services before you spend one penny.

Press Releases

I have to admit that this is an area where I have to focus more time and effort. As with pay per click, go to the major search engines and read up on how to get yourself published on Google’s or Yahoo’s news search.

As with most things in the life of internet marketing there are paid methods or eBooks for sale on creating and publishing your press releases. Before you succumb to any of those, visit and read their guidelines on how to publish your press releases.

Article Marketing

This is still one of my favorites. It is an excellent free way of building your brand, gaining trust, and promoting your websites. Writing articles and submitting them to achieve the greatest return for the investment of your time and money (if you hire someone to write them for you) deserves its own article all to itself which I will publish real soon.

In summary, internet marketing and website promotion does not need to be costly but it will need your commitment to putting in the time and effort on a regular basis. Just building a website is no longer enough, if indeed it ever was.

Satellite Internet and the Game of Politics – A Fair Source Or a Flimsy Informant?

During the 2008 presidential elections, the internet became a force all its own. Rampant with the most outlandish rumors and the strangest claims, satellite internet and other connections went from being seemingly fair sources of information to open forums for the silliest minds. Barack Obama was suddenly a terrorist. And Sarah Palin’s baby really belonged to her daughter. Crazy rumor followed crazy rumor as the more gullible Americans began to believe even the most unbelievable claims.

In the post-election world, things have not gotten much better. Satellite broadband and other internet sources provide access to websites and blogs that write that the new health care package will include death panels and that the recent disaster in Haiti has come as the result of the American government’s experimentation. In reality, in the online community, you can find someone who will say just about anything.

In light of this, it is time to ask ourselves one question. Can the internet – satellite broadband, wireless, dial-up, DSL and beyond – be counted on as a legitimate source of information?

The answers – yes, answers with an s – to this question are complex.

The internet has certainly changed the ways in which we gather information. Signaled by many as the bringer of death to the newspaper and to magazines, it has quickly become the go-to source for many Americans hoping to find out more about what is going on in the world.

To a certain extent, this is a good thing. Free access to reputable news websites such as CNN, Reuters and the Associated Press allow satellite internet users to stay up-to-date on what is going on with little, if any, effort. It could be argued that it makes information available to a larger community of individuals (as most people are connected to the online community in some way today).

Nevertheless, the internet also has many downfalls when it comes to considering it as a legitimate news source. Even the most reputable websites are driven and funded by advertisers, rendering them prone to err towards the side of sensationalism instead of honest journalism. The internet also often comes with a connotation of a sort of “anything goes” attitude, rendering websites less responsible for the viability of the content they provide.

Beyond these most reputable sites, however, are the thousands of blogs and unregulated websites that feature claims with absolutely no basis. If it is hard to find “fair and balanced” information on even the Fox News website regarding politics, it is impossible to find it on most blogs. In the online world, it seems that all is fair in love and war… in politics.

What does this mean for satellite internet and political news? Not much. For the American people, however, it means a good amount of prudence and skepticism when approaching the information we find online. While the internet can be a great source of information, it can also be abused by those with hidden agendas.

Video, Internet, and Network Marketing

Internet marketing and network marketing have blurred lines these days as the two pretty much exist in tandem. Internet marketing covers a lot of types of selling, whether it is directly from a website, via social media, blogs, forums, or Squidoo lenses. Network marketing is the means of not only selling, but recruiting others to sell for you, and this can be achieved by using any of the methods above also. Through the internet we can expose our businesses and products to millions of people. Gone are the days of hassling friends and relatives to join our network or purchase our product!

Video, Internet and Network Marketing

The most popular platform in both “internet and network marketing” is video and a trip around YouTube will show you just how many people are promoting their products, and many of them are making thousands of dollars monthly just by using YouTube. There is not one successful network or internet marketing guru that doesn’t use video these days. You may not like what these gurus are selling, but learn from them and watch how they use video especially to promote their products.

They send them in emails, they send them through blogs, they are used in promotions and on their websites. People love videos too, we all like to do two things at once these days, and while we are listening or watching a video we can actually do something else, because it’s easy. We also recognize the same faces and if we like what we hear and the face we are looking at, then we have fallen for attraction marketing – which is one of the most powerful ways to fuse the internet and network marketing together for out of this world, profitable results.

Lights! Action!

Scared to death of a camera? It probably ranks right behind public speaking on the fear factor scam. But if you are going to be successful combining the internet and network marketing you will just have to get over it! Terrified of the technicalities? There’s no need to be if you have a camera and a microphone and the right software there are many excellent companies on the internet that can help you produce good videos. The equipment is ridiculously cheap these days, so that’s no excuse. Get tongue-tied? Rehearse and write a script. I’m sorry if you hate the way you look, there’s not much that can be done.

If your first couple of videos are shaky, even funny, post them anyway, this is all part of attraction marketing and if people see you are just like them, they will warm to you. It won’t take long before you are making perfect little videos every day, but please keep them short. Everyone’s in a hurry these days don’t take an hour to say what could be said in 5 minutes or you’ll bore people to death.

You are broadcasting to potentially millions but being watched by one at a time. Remember that and treat that person (everyone) like they are your friend, smile and be positive and learn to use positive language too, like using the word “will” instead of “could”. Using video as a selling tool is only a tiny part of internet and network marketing because you have to learn how to get your new video to rank on the search engines in order to create traffic, leads and sales.